Course Registration/Course Payment

The confirmation of payment handed out at the USI or printed out in the case of online registration must be shown at inspections!

By registering (course/academic competitions/Uni-Fitraum), the participant accepts the applicable General Terms and Conditions!

As of the winter semester 2021/22, only online registration/payment is possible, in exceptional cases by cash payment at the USI counter or USI office.
Registration is always done via your MY USI DATA account (access via USI homepage), payment by credit card or online banking! (For details see "Info about MY USI DATA")


Tariffs for weekly courses

Tariff A (amount shown):
Students of the MUL/ another university/FH/PÄDAK up to 29 years of age.

Tariff B (150% of the amount shown):
Students of the MUL/another university/FH/PÄDAK from 30 years of age / employees of the MUL. 

Tariff C (200% of the amount shown):
Graduates of the MUL (ATTENTION: Due to a possible new legal regulation, registration is subject to change).

For workshops and camps, the amounts shown for the respective tariffs apply.

Tariffs/Costs for Camps & Specials

The tariffs A/B/C can be found in the respective course!
Please note the registration deadline for various camps and specials!